Performing Arts

  • We learn to listen to the beat, rhythm and tune in music
  • We use voice as our main instrument, and we practice “in tune singing”
  • We learn to read and write music
  • We learn to play musical instruments in small and large groups
  • We use tuned instruments such as recorders and ukuleles
  • We use un tuned percussion instruments such as drums, tambourines and shakers
  • We use our skills to read, write and perform our own compositions
  • We learn drama and dance skills, which we use in performances.
  • We employ the “you can do it “principles of persistence (learning new skills), getting along (group work), Confidence (performing)



  • Private or small group weekly piano or guitar tuition
  • Grade 3-6 choir (lunch time practice)
  • Biannual participation in the State School Spectacular



  • Biannual whole school performance