ICT and Devices

We are an eSmart school and believes in teaching of cyber safety and responsible online behaviour is essential in the lives of students and is best taught in partnership between home and school.

Families are not expected to provide their child with an iPad for school. All students can access devices at school. We encourage students in grade 5/6 to bring their own devices, however, this is not compulsory. If students in grade 5/6 do not bring their own device to school they will have access to a school iPad.

We integrate the use of iPads and technology into lessons as a teaching tool to add value to the learning and content. Students are only permitted to use iPads and the internet as directed by the teacher during class time. Students are monitored closely and are supported to understand the expectations for appropriate iPad use.

We are committed to promoting and enforcing the safe and correct use of technology within the classroom and beyond. We do this by following our Choose Kind and Be Safe Online Agreements.