Student Reports and Partnership Meetings

Student reports provide students, teachers and parents with a clear and concise picture of a student’s achievement and progress at a point in time. Our teachers make informed and consistent decisions about your child’s progress against the Victorian Curriculum Achievement Standards using a variety of assessments and observations to inform their judgement.

At KDPS we provide a progressive report by using the following structure;

  • a progression point against the Victrorian Curriculum for each subject at the end of Semester 1 and at the end of Semester 2
  • a personal learning comment at the end of semester 1 and at the end of semester 2
  • the Visible Learning Portfolio as evidence of progress including individual learning goals and targets, as well as reflection on goals and achievements each term (4 times a year).
  • students use the Visible Learning Portfolio regularly to set goals, include work samples and reflect on their learning.
  • The Visible Learning Portfolio is available parents to view at any time in the classroom. Portfolio’s will be sent home with students at the end of the year.
  • Parent/Teacher Partnership Meetings (May)
  • Student/Parent/ Teacher Celebration Meeting (September)

Each individual child progresses along the learning continuum at their own rate and from their own starting point. Each child is taught at the level that suits their needs, rather than being taught to the year level and age group they are in. Our teachers provide learning opportunities to support the learning for all students, including those students who are working above level, and students with additional learning needs or a disability.