Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to support every student at KDPS to thrive. Every student experiences a progressive and targeted curriculum that builds on their previous learnings, equipping them with the knowledge and skills for success in school life.

We offer a ‘Connected Curriculum’ which means students will engage in consistent teaching and learning processes and a common language as they progress through each learning community.

The staff  at KDPS share responsibility and accountability for the implementation of a student centered curriculum framework focusing on student needs and how they learn.

Our whole school is engaged in the KDPS Intructional Model during every lesson of every day. The purpose of our school’s Instructional Model is to provide teachers and students with a structure to support teaching and learning every day. The KDPS Instructional Model enables students (foundation to year 6) to build on prior learning, understand the purpose of the lesson, practice new skills and reflect on their learning.