Restorative Practices

We use the Restorative Practices framework to support behaviour management at KDPS.

The Restorative approach is based on the Restorative Justice Philosophy that builds and strengthens relationships and social connections promoting accountability and responsibility and to repair harm when an inappropriate choice is made by students.

The Restorative process is respectful and fair and focuses on;

  • establishing trust and safety with and between people
  • developing empathy
  • personal reflection
  • repairing harm that may have been done
  • accountability and ownership
  • positive behavioural change and self-regulation

We adhere to a whole school behaviour flow chart which displays behaviour expectations at school. When a students makes a poor choice, we provide students with the opportunity to ‘get back on track’ by offering a calm reminder . If the behaviour continues or is categorised by the orange zone, students will work through a ‘rethink’ process supported by the teacher.

We will always support your child with a plan to move forward and encourage them along the way.