Engagement and Wellbeing

Your child’s wellbeing is central to our role as a school. We focus on developing  social and emotional capabilities through the KDPS Engagement and Wellbeing program – GROW (GRIT and Growth Mindset, Resilience, Opportunities and Wonder).

We apply a variety of quality resources to support social and emotional health of our students  – DET’s Respectful Relationships, Positive Education – Geelong Grammar , The Resilience Project, The Big Life Project – Warrnambool and Play is the Way.

The KDPS GROW program enables students to;

  • acquire social/emotional understanding and skills,
  • the importance of valuing and accepting diversity and
  • working together to build a culture of learning, community, respect and engagement.

We promote a consistent language across the school to encourage problems solving and practicing self regulation when faced with a difficult situation. Students are encouraged to have a go independently or ask a staff member for support.

  • I statements – I don’t like it when you ….. please stop.
  • The stop light – stop, think, go with the best plan
  • PBF – Pause, Breathe, Flip